Kick-Off-Meeting, Conference, Sponsor Fair, Welcome Evening and Staff Day Party

MYSTERY TOUR – Consultancy Company

Zeitgemaess impressed the executive team of the international consultancy firm and was deemed to have made the best pitch with an extraordinarily creative, unexpected and comprehensive event concept – the MYSTERY TOUR.

Behind the event slogan was a sophisticated colour and logistics concept for getting almost 1,000 meeting participants to nine departure airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, four conference hotels at the Palma de Mallorca destination, and the many transfers, workshops, trade fair timeslots and breakout panels that took place during the three-day meeting.

There were ‘teasers’ for the participants right from the start. A specially designed event logo as the meeting guidelines, an invitation process with a detective-style online registration page, and mystery check-ins at the departure airport

(where plane tickets were issued by ‘mystery guides’) kept interest in the annual meeting at fever pitch. From the day the invitation process was launched, hardly a company event went by without the possible destination and the meeting itself becoming a hot topic of discussion. The rumour mill went into overdrive!

One major challenge was making sure that the identity of the sponsors (of the trade fair running in parallel to the meeting) and of the high-calibre speakers for the conference was kept secret, so that no clues about the destination would be leaked before the day of departure.

Agency services: Conceptualisation, realisation, participant management, hotel and travel services, event branding, sponsor and speaker support.

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