Drone building workshop, drone flight challenge & evening event

TEAMBUILDING indoors for a toolmaking company

ZEITGEMAESS was asked to put together an unusual teambuilding programme for
60 technology-minded gentlemen who were attending a company conference. The task
was made more challenging by the need to restrict activities to indoors, as the time of
year (early November) offered little scope for venturing outside.

A suitable hall with sufficient space and ceiling height for a planned drone building
workshop and a high(f)light team competition with different indoor drone models
was found in the vicinity of the conference location. After an informative lecture and a
practical briefing, the teams were able to start building and flying competitions in
parallel. The street food-style buffet, the pep talks and the high-speed flights of the
respective team coaches generated an excellent atmosphere.

After the award ceremony and team photos (taken by photo drone), the party set off for the second location of the day – a country estate with excellent cuisine. A seasonal spread of game and goose was followed by ample opportunity for digestion in front of a roaring fire.

Agency services: Location research, concept, teambuilding in coordination with the technical partner, realisation on site, catering concepts, participant management, event branding, printed materials.

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