IN-HOUSE FAIR & Get-together

Investor event for the German Financial Industry Association

Erfolgreich im Ausland (Success abroad) was the title chosen for the in-house fair, to which more than 100 investors and clients of the association were invited. As the current media campaign has such a strong international focus, the proposal by ZEITGEMAESS that Düsseldorf International Airport would make the perfect venue met with enthusiastic approval, especially with its unobstructed and spectacular view of the runway.

Conceived as an ‘infotainment’ occasion, the event offered participants the chance to hear expert talks professionally chaired by a presenter from the n-tv news channel. There were also lounge areas where participants could immerse themselves in detailed discussions as well as stalls manned by the association’s international partners.

During the event, the participants were able to observe the activity on the runway and gain insights into the flight operations of this busy international airport. The catering was modelled on in-flight service, with stewards wheeling tomato juice-laden trolleys around.

The innovative content and the unusual setting provided talking points long after the event.

Agency services: Location research, event design and spatial concept, catering concept, planning and organisation of speaker and technical programme, on-site management.

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