Premium Cultural Event – Gala with prize-giving ceremony

VIP Sponsor Event at the Museum - Insurance Group

Presentation of the FAIR PLAY TROPHY
As chief sponsor of the WORLD TEAM CUP tennis event at the Rochus Club in Düsseldorf, the company was also responsible for the content and artistic orientation of the VIP evening for players, journalists, clients and big names in politics and business.

A suitable venue was found for the event and its 500 invited guests on the patio of the K21 Museum of Art by the Kaiserteich. Every year, the highlight of the event was the presentation of the FAIR PLAY TROPHY, which was awarded to one player for exemplary behaviour on and off court. The winners were chosen by international sports journalists and the eight team captains.

ZEITGEMAESS designed and ran a tennis-themed programme on site, and was responsible for the technical side and all the organisation at K21. The venue posed a particular challenge for us as the responsible agency on site. The museum was open to the public until 6pm on the days of the event, and it was not possible to start setting up till then – but the reception was due to begin at 7pm.

Within the space of an hour, the whole on-site set-up process – which involved assembling two stages, the lighting and sound systems and all the infrastructure for the artistic programme, catering and services – had to be complete. This was made possibleby carefully co-ordinated planning and a systematic approach on site, and the whole process ran more or less

without a hitch.

Agency services: Conceptualisation artist programme and
technical set up, event design, realisation

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