Golf tournament & workshop

TEAMBUILDING outdoors for a mobile phone company

ZEITGEMAESS impressed the company’s marketing managers with a coherent overall concept for the planned off-site meeting. The Japanese Golf Club on the outskirts of Düsseldorf was chosen as the location for the workshop and the programme of supporting activities.

After the meeting, the experienced golfers enjoyed a challenging round of golf. In parallel, interested newcomers to the game were treated to a taster on the driving range of the club, which included tee-off training and a running commentary on fascinating aspects of the sport as well as some amusing anecdotes.

Meanwhile, other attendees were preparing dinner for their fellow golfers under the supervision of a Japanese sushi master. At the end of the teambuilding event, participants gathered in the sake bar where certificates and prizes were awarded.

Agency services: Location research, concept team building, realisation, participant management, event branding.

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